Hands and Feet

Savour a relaxing hand or foot treatment at Sakura Day Spa Brisbane. Take a break from the stress of daily life and let us nurture your feet and lower legs.

Pedicure treatments help you wind down, boosting the appearance of your skin. Feel pampered and relaxed with this lovely treat. It’s a holistic experience featuring soothing touch, relaxing aromas, and a tranquil environment. Promote your wellbeing and skin health.

To experience true relaxation and comfort, many of our treatments include massage and aromatherapy. This takes your pedicure or foot treatment to another level, enhancing your feeling of spiritual wellness.

Restore your wellbeing, and walk away feeling balanced and relaxed. Contact us to book your pedicure experience.
These pedicure treatments also make a great gift for a Brisbane-based friend who needs to de-stress, pamper and relax. Find out more about our gift vouchers here.

Professional Pedicure and Foot Treatments

With our knowledge of traditional and modern massage, we’ve crafted a range of relaxing treatments that create a feeling of health, comfort and beauty.

Sakura Thai Foot Massage

Ease your stress with this Thai massage for your feet. Inspired by tradition,  massage applied to pressure points on the soles of your feet. Take in the aromatic massage oil and lotion. We also provide exfoliation to smooth your skin. Revive your achy leg muscles and tired dry feet with this traditional experience.

60 mins: $105

Paraffin Foot Treatment

Soothe sore or tired feet with a Paraffin application. Each foot massage concludes with a relaxing Paraffin treatment, over your feet and ankles.

30 mins: $50


Spa Pedicure and Manicure

This 30-minute treatment enhances the appearance of your hands and arms or feet and lower legs. Start with a relaxing head and scalp massage to ease you into a truly relaxed state. Then, you’ll enjoy cutting, pushing, cleaning, buffing, filing and a polish application to your nails. You’ll feel renewed with your clean and stimulated skin, and attractive painted nails.

Manicure: $50

Pedicure: $55

Manicure & Pedicure 60mins: $95

Deluxe Pedicure

This indulgent pedicure experience enhances your relaxation. Enjoy every part of the Spa Pedicure package, before we continue with a stimulating soak, exfoliation, mask and paraffin treatment. It concludes with a wonderful Thai hand or foot massage. Breathe deeply, relax and feel connected with your spirit.

60 mins: $120